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As a photographer, my goal is to show people and places as true to form as possible. Someday you’ll look back on your photos, and it’s my hope that you’ll feel as though you could step right into the scene and relive those moments all over again. They won’t be over edited, oversaturated, or some odd version of reality. They’ll be real.

From the bliss of your wedding day to the pride of high school graduation to the wily energy of your yearly family photo shoot—and, of course, all the crazy moments between—you can walk away from our time together knowing that you’ll have memories that’ll do far more than adorn your Facebook wall. They’ll be the ones you frame. The ones you keep at your desk or by your bedside. They’ll be passed down for generations, reminding you and everyone you love of the beautiful life you’ve lived and shared together.

Outside of photography, I make it a point to get out and explore new cities, small towns, old industry and abandoned places. My other half and I live right outside of Portland, in a cozy cottage with our three cats and dog. You’re likely to find us in our kayaks, on our bikes, hiking down old railroad corridors or scouting out the best brunch spots.

– Brandon Davis